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Spectacle Lenses

We don’t believe in glazing simple and stock lenses in an hour, most of our lenses are designed on a computer to ensure the thinnest, lightest, most accurate lens possible. We order straight from our practice using the Internet so even high quality lenses are received quickly, some even the next day. You don’t pay more for this service.

Our qualified optician will give you the best advice on; lens types, anti-reflection and anti-scratch coatings, tints, photochromatics (sunlight reactive coatings) to suit your work, leisure and lifestyle.


Glasses are not a frequent purchase, so rather than being left to choose by yourself with the risk of making the wrong choice, our staff will guide you in choosing the right shape, frame and colour for your face. Our opticians ensure the frame fits and suits the type of lenses you require, ensuring the final spectacles will be light, comfortable and have the thinnest possible lenses.

We will also help on the technical side, explaining the advantages of different materials such as titanium, stainless steel, or the advantages of rimless.


You cannot detect UV light but it can damage the internal structures of your eyes. Sunglasses need to give 100% UV protection, some don’t – even in fancy frames. All ours do!
We will discuss with you different lens types and light absorption characteristics. We will also ensure they fit you properly.

We have 100% UV protection sunglasses for children, skiers, sailing enthusiasts, glacier sunglasses for mountaineers and high alpine trekkers.

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