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How often should I have my eyes examined?

Every two years or more frequently if you are a child, have complicated eye problems, eye disease or general health problems.

What if I have problems with my contact lenses?
Take them out and consult your contact lens practitioner. If the problem is serious, see your doctor or local A&E department.

Do you test for glaucoma?
Yes, for everyone over 40 years old. We offer a simple painless eye pressure test. Sometimes we will also measure you fields of vision.

What is glaucoma?
In simple terms, it is where the pressure of the eyeball is too great and damages the optic nerve. This can cause visual loss and eventual blindness. It can run in the family.

What are cataracts?
It is where the lens inside the eye becomes opaque. You feel as though you are looking through a mist and your vision is reduced. Fortunately, cataract operations are now usually very straight forward and successful.

What is macular degeneration?
It is the most common reason for the loss of central vision as we get older. The central retina, the macula, (the part we read with) degenerates with age. There are different types of macular degeneration, some are treatable, some are not.

Can diabetes affect my eyes?
Yes, it can cause bleeding on the retina, cataracts and frequent changes to your spectacle prescription. Fortunately, with the advent of eye lasers to treat retinal haemorrhages and good control of your diabetes, significant visual loss can be avoided. Frequent eye examinations are important, usually annually.

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